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Restover Plus Antique

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Restover Plus Antique
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Thickness: 1/8"
Treatment: Can be tempered
Item no: GNA 0189-RVP

This glass can be purchased in one of the follow ways:
  • Custom Cut: Custom-cut for kitchen cabinets and windows
  • Sheets: Full and partial sheets
  • Samples: Small samples
Retail price: $29.74 /sq ft

Please follow these measuring instructions to ensure that the glass you order will fit correctly.

Please measure to the nearest 1/16 of an inch the width and the height of the opening where the glass will be installed.

Then deduct 1/8 of an inch from each of these measurements. For example, if the opening measures 12" x 18", you would order a glass insert that is 11-7/8" x 17-7/8".

Note: We will cut your glass to the size you order with a tolerance of +/- 1/16 of an inch.



Machine drawn glass produced specifically for restorations. It contains slight distortions or waves in the glass, but contains almost no bubbles. Due to the fact that it has a low thickness, this glass can be easily used with historic window frames. Its lively surface structure restores the old charm to historic buildings and allows them to reflect their former glory.

Emulates glass made prior to 1900. More wavy than Circa 1900.

Please allow 2-3 business days to process your pickup order, and 5-10 business days for shipped orders.