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Custom-cut glass orders: We require that all customers use our website to obtain quotes and place orders because it is the most efficient method and reduces costly errors. Here's why:

  1. Orders submitted using our website are immediately sent to our order processing department. Orders sent by email or phone will likely be delayed anywhere from 1-2 hours to 2-3 days until one of us enters it.

  2. As careful as we are entering orders by email or phone, errors can occur resulting in delays and inconvenience by both you and us.

  3. When you enter sensitive data such as your password and credit card info using our website it is encrypted before being communicated to our servers for your protection.

  4. Before you submit your order, our website presents you with the cost of the items in your order as well as shipping options and delivery times for your selection.

  5. After you submit your order using our website, we email you an order confirmation giving you assurance that we received your order.

If we enter your quote or order for you, there will be no refunds or returns accepted for any errors that occur..

Order processing lead time: Please allow a week or so for delivery on custom-cut glass orders. Please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for special services.