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Colored Framed Sample Panel
Colored Framed Sample Panel
Item no: 0057
Whittemore-Durgin item: 0057
Retail price: $82.29
In stock:  0 
Made to order
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Now you can show your customers the wide variety of glass you have to offer, without the risk of losing samples.

We have developed a sample panel containing 30 different stained glass samples, which you can display in your store or warehouse, or sell to your own customers.

The panels are constructed with sturdy zinc came, and have two wire hooks for hanging. These substantial displays virtually eliminate the problem of missing samples.

Each of the framed glass samples are clearly labeled with names and part numbers. Whether you choose to carry the glass in stock or to order from us as needed, these sample panels take the guesswork out of selecting the perfect glass.

This sample panel contains these glass items:

SP BR/400, Spectrum Black on Clear Baroque
SP BR/Amethyst, Spectrum Crystal Purple on Clear, Baroque
GNA 9012, Dark Wine Drawn Antique
GNA 5172, Light Green Drawn Antique
GNA 1062, Light Gray Drawn Antique
GNA 1146, Medium Gray Drawn Antique
SP 315.1S, Spectrum White Swirled with Light Amber
WI 18 Sev, Wissmach Med. Selenium Red Seville
WI 220 Sev, Wissmach Dark Blue Seville
WI 418 CD, Wissmach Light Ameth. Seedy
WI 310 Sev, Wissmach Dark Amber Seville
WI 34 Sev, Wissmach Light Amber Seville
SP 325.2S, Spectrum Light Green on White
SP 337.2S, Spectrum Light Blue/White
SP 347.1S, Spectrum Pale Purple and White, Translucent
WI 7-D, Wissmach White Swirled With Gold Pink
SP 349.6S, Spectrum Dark Purple Swirled with White, Wispy
SP 305S, Spectrum White swirled with Clear, "Pearl White"
WI 158 H, Wissmach Light Blue Hammered
SP 134H, Spectrum Medium Blue Hammered
SP 123H, Spectrum Medium Green Hammered
WI 49 H, Wissmach Dark Amber Hammered
WI 47 H, Wissmach Medium Amber Hammered
SP 161W, Spectrum Yellow Waterglass
SP 136W, Spectrum Dark Blue Waterglass
SP 171W, Spectrum Orange Waterglass
SP 110.8W, Spectrum Light Amber Waterglass
SP 130.8W, Spectrum Light Blue Waterglass
SP 152W, Spectrum Ruby Red Waterglass
SP 123W Spectrum Medium Green Waterglass

Spectrum White swirled with Clear, "Pearl White" Fusible (305SF)
Spectrum White swirled with Clear, "Pearl White" Fusible (305SF)
Item no: SP 305SF
Spectrum Glass item: 305SF
Custom cut:
Retail price: $46.02 /sq ft
Retail price:$20.78/sf
In stock:  96.9  (units: square foot)
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Thickness: 1/8"
Treatment: Cannot be tempered